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No Installation or Service Too Big or Too Small
No Installation or Service Too Big or Too Small

Installation Standards

There are many companies installing gutters and downspouts. Since many consumers believe that all gutters are the same, cost is often the deciding factor.  However, installation proficiency, continued customer service and strong guarantees will make dramatic differences in your satisfaction. The Guttermen avoid discounting others’ work, preferring to show how our above-industry standards provide a product that can be comfortably guaranteed for years.
Read on about our superior techniques, a BETTER value for your money!

Hangers (Gutter Clips)

Regardless of a gutter's strength, if it isn't securely attached to the structure, problems will quickly develop.  For years, we have used "hidden" hangers, which are internal to the gutter. While competitors use the same technique, we go farther in our thinking. Rather than standard clips, we use industrial-strength hangers. Several times stronger than standard clips, they cannot be pulled from the gutter under heavy loads, and they protect the integrity of the gutter by adding lateral strength.
The industry places clips every 4 1/2 feet; our spacing is only three feet, increasing lateral strength by 33 percent.

Long Screws Versus Zip Screws

For speed of installation, many companies use zinc-clad "zip" screws to secure gutters to the structure. These imbed only 1/4 inch into the fascia. At The Guttermen, we use 1 1/4" stainless screws, which drive through the fascia and often into the rafter tails themselves.
This technique takes longer to perform; yet, we believe that you deserve that quality.

Sloping of Runs

The industry standard for sloping gutters is based on a fractional inch for every foot of gutter installed.  Our installers use a long level placed in the gutter to determine the actual slope required.
By using levels, we can insure that the system will flow properly to the downspouts.

Aluminum Rivets Versus Zinc-Clad Screws

Most gutter companies use zinc-clad screws to connect downspouts and corners, reducing time of installation. The Guttermen prefer to use aluminum rivets for these connections. This is a two-step process, which requires drilling holes prior to attaching the rivets. The time necessary for this technique is longer, but the value is worth the time and effort.
Rivets will not rust over time as the screws do; therefore, the integrity of the system is insured.