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No Installation or Service Too Big or Too Small
No Installation or Service Too Big or Too Small


To display pictures of actual applications of the various gutter covers endorsed by The Guttermen, click on the links of interest.

Pine Gutterguard (Standard Applications)

Our most popular cover is a solid shield (available in white, black or brown) with upward facing louvres that allow water into the gutter while debris is stopped above the system. It is secured to the front lip of the gutter with the back held down by the shingles. Each piece is overlapped, the corners are mitered and all ends are capped to avoid openings. This product is both economical and efficient.
While very little debris gets in the gutter, over time, it may accumulate on the top.  Therefore, it will require occasional sweeping to maintain its working efficiency.

Leaf Stopper ("No Maintenance" Covers)

We produce a specially configured cover, which is advertised as requiring "no maintenance.” Made of gutter material, it is solid and is characterized by a prominent "nose." This cover uses surface tension to guide water into the gutter. Debris can't make the sharp turn and is shed away. Hidden clips support the cover, providing incredible strength and stability. This cover is capped at the ends to prevent openings and gives the product a finished look. Most customers prefer to match the gutter or roof color. 
While advertised as such, "no maintenance" is very subjective. The Guttermen will warrant no clogging of the gutters and downspouts. However, if your environment produces debris that stacks up on the roof, it will prevent water from adhering to the cover. Attentive removal of excess debris from the roof and gutter covers is recommended.


Metal roofs require a cover that can be attached solely to the gutter. Therefore, we provide a cover that rests upon the gutter clips and attaches to the front lip. Made of aluminum and double the thickness of gutter material, it is extremely strong even though it is highly perforated. It has a very low profile and is barely noticeable.
This cover is also useful for any type of roof including shingled (some customers are concerned about roof warranties and prefer this cover). 
Excess debris will settle on the perforations, reducing the effectiveness of the product; occasional sweeping will maintain the cover integrity.